Tangled in Time

By (author): Lynn Fairbridge

Lynne Fairbridge’s Tangled in Time presents a captivating story of a young girl’s travel in time back to the harsh life of the Depression years. The novel opens in Edmonton with Janna’s world being turned upside down when her mother tells her that she plans to remarry. Withdrawing from her family and feeling as though her father’s memory has been betrayed, Janna finds herself attracted to a mysterious painting in her grandmother’s house.

When a beckoning woman in the painting lures Janna into the past, she is convinced that she must be dreaming. However, once she is transported into the past a second time, her predicament becomes frighteningly real when she becomes trapped as a member of a Dutch immigrant family in Neerlandia (north of Edmonton), who had followed the promise of a new land only to find themselves battling poverty. Janna must adjust to her new situation – being dirt poor and working as a maid, yet with knowledge of what is to come.

Complicating the matter, shebecomes increasingly attached to her new-found family and finds herself falling in love with a boy whose family owns her grandmother’s painting. Janna knows that the only link between the past and the present is the mysterious painting, but where is it? Tangled in Time offers a superb account of a young girl facing the challenges of growing up in two very different worlds and coming to understand the many bitter-sweet faces of love.


Lynn Fairbridge

Lynne Fairbridge is the author of five young adult novels, including My Sister Did It and In Such A Place, which won the sixth Alberta Writing for Youth Competition. Until her recent, untimely death, she lived with her husband and children in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Tangled in Time was her fifth novel.


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158 Pages
7.67in * 5.25in * .47in


September 16, 1999


Ronsdale Press



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JUVENILE FICTION / People & Places / Canada

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Middle Grade



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