Sweet Assorted

By (author): Jim Christy

As with many writers, Jim Christy keeps a “source file,” notes, scrawled snippets of conversation, observations made on the run, photographs of people known and unknown, scraps of paper with puzzling notes written on them, receipts, matchpacks, and other assorted parapher-nalia that might come in handy for a future story, article, or essay. For Mr. Christy that source file has been an old Peek Frean’s tin biscuit box. For nearly forty years the author has thrown-willy-nilly, and with neither rhyme nor reason-such seemingly random items into the box. There has been absolutely no system to it; maybe, the author says, “I thought ‘I’ll pay more attention to this later’ or, perhaps, ‘I’ve got to check that one out some day …give it the attention it deserves.” Being a restless traveller, investigative journalist, and raconteur, many of these items have rich and alluring stories attached to them. The Peek Frean’s cookie box has provided the essential ingredients for a fascinating assortment of highly entertaining tales.


Jim Christy

Always in search of original characters and experiences, Jim Christy is a literary vagabond with few peers. He was once described by George Woodcock as “one of the last unpurged North American anarchistic romantics.” His publisher has called him a hip Indiana Jones; one reviewer credited him with a “Gary Cooper-like presence.” His buddies have included hobos, jazz musicians, boxers, and non-academic writers such as Charles Bukowski, Peter Trower and Joe Ferone. “I never dismiss another’s story out of hand,” he writes, “no matter what it’s about or how outrageous it may seem.” Christy’s often wry reminiscences of his travels, trysts and trials are fuelled by a hard-won pride. A gardener, a sculptor and a spoken word performer with a jazz/blues ensemble, Christy has been seen in film and television productions, usually in non-speaking roles as a thug or a gangster.


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November 15, 2012



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