By (author): Annette Lapointe

Rowan Friesen has made a career of drug dealing and small-time thievery. He lives a loner’s life on the outer reaches of Saskatoon, selling cystal meth to highschoolers and hawking his pilfered loot on the net. Shiftless and seemingly friendless, he is, at first glance, an unlikely and unlikable protagonist.
But as Stolen unfolds, we learn the details of Rowan’s life: his well-meaning but self-absorbed mother, his mentally ill father, and a high school friendship both lustful and incendiary.
Praise for Stolen:
“Lapointe constructs the familiar world, the one inside each of us, in the lives of strangers. It’s what fiction does best.” —The Globe & Mail
“It moves with the force of what’s right and true and must not be elided.” —Giller Prize Jury
Giller Prize Nominee
Winner, Saskatchewan Book Awards
Best First Book (City of Saskatoon Book Award)
Globe & Mail Top 5 First Fiction


Annette Lapointe

Annette lapointe’s first novel, Stolen, was nominated for a Giller Prize and was the Winner of two Saskatchewan Book Awards. A Finalist for the Books in Canada First Novel Award, as well as being cited as a Globe & Mail Top 5 First Fiction choice, Stolen also garnered Ms. Lapointe a Canadian Authors Association Emerging Writer award. Her second novel, Whitetail Shooting Gallery, was released in the fall of 2012. She lives and teaches in Grande Prairie, Alberta.


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April 10, 2013



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