Stolen Motherhood

By (author): Maria De Koninck

Translated by: Arielle Aaronson

Stolen Motherhood


Arielle Aaronson

Marilyse Hamelin is an independent journalist, blogger, and public speaker. As a committed feminist, she is often invited by Radio-Canada and other media to discuss the burning issues concerning women’s rights. This is her first book. Arielle Aaronson is a Montreal literary translator whose work includes QC Fiction novels Behind the Eyes We Meet by Mélissa Verreault and Listening For Jupiter by Pierre-Luc Landry, which she co-translated with Madeleine Stratford. Toula Drimonis is a Montreal-based freelance writer, editor, and award-winning columnist and a frequent guest on English and French-language radio and television. A former News Director with TC Media, her freelance work has appeared in the National Post, the New York Times, Ricochet Media, Ms. Magazine, Buzzfeed Canada, Huffington Post, J-Source, and Le Journal de Montréal, among others. Politics and women’s issues remain her main points of interest.


Maria De Koninck

Maria De Koninck is Professor Emeritus in Université Laval?s Faculty of Medicine. First Chair of Women?s studies, she taught community health and lectured on social determinants of health. Her research and publications focus on women?s health, including childbirth, C-sections, reproductive technologies and midwifery, and on social health inequalities, poverty and exclusion. She has 20 years? experience in international research and consulting projects on HIV-AIDS in West Africa, maternal mortality (notably for WHO), and vulnerability of young migrant girls in urban settings. She lives in Quebec City.


“Some readers may have strong views regarding surrogacy, but after reading this excellent translation of Stolen Motherhood, if they don?t change their minds, they will at least be better informed of its pitfalls.” Maya Khankhoje

“enlightening ? a necessary analysis of the issues underpinning the mediaeval practice that the biotech industries have dressed up for modern acceptability.” Diane Guilbault, Chair of Pour les droits des femmes


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September 15, 2020


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