Space and the Geographies of Theatre

Edited by: Michael McKinnie

Includes:The Regionalism of Canadian Drama by Diane Bessai (1980) Playwrights in a Landscape: The Changing Image of Rural Ontario by Alexander M. Leggatt (1980)“A Country of the Soul”: Herman Voaden, Lowrie Warrener and the Writing of Symphony by Anton Wagner (1983)Between Empires: Post-Imperialism and Canadian Theatre by Alan Filewod (1992)Reading Material: Transfers, Remounts, and the Production of Meaning in Contemporary Toronto Drama and Theatre by Ric Knowles (1993–94)Healing the Border Wound: Fronteras Americanas and the Future of Canadian Multiculturalism by Mayte Gómez (1995)Theorizing a Queer Theatre: Buddies in Bad Times by Robert Wallace (1995)Degrees of North: An Introduction (to Staging the North: Twelve Canadian Plays) by Sherrill Grace (1999)Urban National, Suburban Transnational: Civic Theatres and the Urban Development of Toronto’s Downtowns by Michael McKinnie (2001)“No, the Centre Should be Invisible”: Radical Revisioning of Chekhov in Floyd Favel Starr’s House of Sonya by Rob Appleford (2002)Theatre as National Export: On Being and Passing in the United States by Erin Hurley (2003)In the MT Space by Guillermo Verdecchia (2006)T.O. Live with Culture: Torontopia and the Urban Creativity Script by Laura Levin (2007)Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English sets out to make the best critical and scholarly work in the field readily available. The series publishes the work of scholars and critics who have traced the coming-into-prominence of a vibrant theatrical community in English Canada.


Michael McKinnie

Michael McKinnie is Senior Lecturer in Drama at Queen Mary, University of London (United Kingdom). He is the author of City Stages: Theatre and Urban Space in a Global City (University of Toronto Press, 2007), and his work has appeared, among other places, in Theatre Journal, Modern Drama, Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches théâtrales au Canada, Contemporary Theatre Review, Essays on Canadian Writing, and Canadian Theatre Review. He has also served as reviews editor for Modern Drama.


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May 01, 2007



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