By (author): David Spaner

The year 1983 began like any other year in Canada’s West Coast province. Then suddenly everything changed when the newly elected provincial government announced an avalanche of far-right legislation that shocked the country.
In response, a resistance movement called Solidarity quickly formed across British Columbia uniting social activists, trade unionists and people who had never protested before. The movement rocked social foundations resulting in massive street protests, occupations, and plans for an all-out general strike.
Filled with revealing interviews and lively, insightful prose Solidarity goes behind the scenes of one of the greatest social uprisings in North American history. In revisiting this one singularly dramatic event, Solidarity chronicles the history of 20th century British Columbia, exploring its great divides and alliances, cultures and subcultures, and conflicts that continue into the 21st century.


David Spaner

David Spaner has worked as a feature writer, movie critic, reporter, and editor for numerous newspapers and magazines. David’s also been a cultural/political organizer (Yippie, manager of the punk band The Subhumans). He is the author of Dreaming in the Rain and Shoot It! Hollywood, Inc. and the Rising of Independent Film.


The book is lively, engaging, and highly informative about what was going on behind the scenes. – Labour/Le Traivail: Journal of Canadian Labour Studies
A compelling portrayal of the landscape that roused dozens of groups – diverse in age, culture, and beliefs – to work together. This is an essential volume for BC bookshelves. – BC History
“Rescues an important moment in B.C. history from mainstream amnesia and does so in stylish, effective prose. Highly recommended.” – Vancouver Sun
“It’s a story that cries out to be told.” – BC BookWorld
“One of the more engaging books of the season, a terrific book of history” – Joseph Planta, The Commentary
“It was a wonderful read. I highly encourage you to get out and get a copy.” – Am Johal, Below the Radar
“An archival testament of one of this province’s most dramatic epochs.” – Jewish Independent
“The book is lively, engaging, and highly informative about what was going on behind the scenes.” – Labour/Le Travail: Journal of Canadian Labour Studies
Nominated for the George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature.


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December 20, 2021


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