SH:LAM (The Doctor)

By (author): Joseph A Dandurand

Shortlisted for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize, 2020

In this volume of poetry, Joseph A Dandurand lives the experiences of an Aboriginal people brought to the edge of extinction.

From the Author’s Note:

“The poems in this collection tell the truth of what has happened to my people. The Kwantlen people used to number in the thousands, but 80% of our people were wiped out by smallpox and now there are only 200 of us…I believe the gift of words was given to me so I can tell our stories…The poems gathered here tell the tale of a Kwantlen man who has been given the gift of healing but also is a heroin addict living on the east side.

“This is a book of hope, loss, and redemption for all the poor souls who find themselves on the street and lost from where they truly come.”

These poems tell the story of a Kwantlen man who has been given the gift of healing but is also is a heroin addict.


Joseph A Dandurand

Joseph A Dandurand is a Kwantlen Aboriginal from Kwantlen First Nation in British Columbia He is a poet playwright and archaeologist Dandurand received a Diploma in Performing Arts from Algonquin College and studied Theatre and Direction at the University of Ottawa He has previously published I Want 2015 Hear and Foretell 2015 and The Rumour 2018


“These are powerful visionary parables of suffering, redemption and retribution…” —The Toronto Star

“Dandurand’s collection is a must for readers of Indigenous literature, settler colonial studies, Anthropocene literature, diverse futurisms, or just good poetry. SH:LAM is intense but immensely satisfying.” —World Literature Today

“[Dandurand] does not yield to grief, but dedicates him- self to remembering and acknowledging joy and suffering; to creating new stories for old characters; to inventing histories, traditions and communities.” —Wasafiri


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May 01, 2019





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