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Dwight Eliot was born on a baseball diamond, during a dugout-clearing brawl between his hometown team, The Seep Selects, and a team of barnstorming Cuban All Stars. Decades later, when he sees his childhood home being moved on a truck down the highway, he begins a quest to research the history of his hometown and of his family. Seep is being dismantled, and the land is being redeveloped as a master-planned recreational townsite to complement a nearby First Nations casino. And then his brother Darryl arrives on his doorstep with the force of a bus crash. In the face of the town’s erasure, he tries to preserve its stories; so doing, he comes to question his own.&nbspSeep limns the tension between land development and landscape, trauma and nostalgia, dysfunction and intimacy in a narrative of twenty-first century Canada.

Praise for Seep: “Mark Giles assuredly steps in the footsteps of his predecessors who so engagingly limned the Alberta prairie: W.O. Mitchell, Henry Kreisel,W.P. Kinsella, and Robert Kroetsch. Giles’ Seep is a wickedly wonderful account of how our senses of self and of place can be interrelated, with the swirl of emotions involved in each part of the equation making for a complicated world and illuminating fiction.” (Tom Wayman)


W. Mark Giles

W. Mark Giles’s fiction and other writing have appeared in magazines and papers across the country, including the Malahat Review, Geist, The New Quarterly, NeWest Review, Grain, The Antigonish Review, and Canadian Fiction Magazine. He has studied at the Banff Centre, the University of Calgary, and has worked with Edna Alford, Fred Stenson, and Aritha van Herk. His non-fiction columns and reviews have appeared in the Calgary Sun and the Calgary Herald. Mark currently lives in Calgary.


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September 03, 2015



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