Secrets of Jarrow

Mordecai Crow must solve a mysterious murder to clear his name in a world ravaged by its past.

What is the true price of knowledge? Mordecai Crow embarks on a perilous quest for answers on a world ravaged by its past.

The secrets of the past have been lost. Knowledge is forbidden, the climate has run wild, and civilization has devolved into post-technological anarchy. In the midst of this wasteland, Mordecai Crow, a drifter in search of his long-lost parents, becomes embroiled in a murderous conspiracy when he seeks refuge in a fortress committed to preserving ancient knowledge. What secrets lie at the heart of its ancient walls? And how are they connected to Mordecai’s mysterious past? Find out in Secrets of Jarrow, book one in the Mordecai Crow trilogy.


‘Suspense, surprise and a stunning visual experience abound in this post-apocalyptic mystery story as humanity strives to rediscover lost history from before ‘the Fall’. A hugely impressive work of art from a virtuoso graphic novelist.’ – Stephen Biesty, author of the Incredible Cross-Sections series

‘The post-apocalyptic whodunnit I didn’t know I needed. High-speed storytelling in a well-crafted book.’
Mike Donachie – Toronto Star


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128 Pages
10.34in * 6.63in * .28in


May 17, 2023





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