By (author): Luanne Armstrong

Sand is the story of a young girl, Willy Cameron, her horse named Sand, and her involvement with therapeutic riding. The novel begins when Willy is involved in a serious car accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. After the doctors tell her that she may never walk again, Willy becomes extremely depressed and self-pitying. Then when she is going (unwillingly) for physiotherapy, she meets a young boy, Ben, who is involved in therapeutic horseback riding for his juvenile arthritis, and he persuades her to give it a try. The therapy with the riding gives Willy back the partial use of her legs. While still recovering, she takes on the training of Sand, a spirited rescue horse at the stable who was injured, and now spooks easily. The story expands at this point when her friend, Ben, becomes depressed about his relationship with his father, becomes involved in drugs, and disappears after going on a bad drug trip. Willy believes she knows where he is hiding, but has no means of transportation and, against the orders of the riding master, she secretly takes Sand from the stable to try and find her friend. But Ben is not in his right mind, and Sand is easily spooked. The fate of Willy, Ben and Sand all depends on what happens next.


Luanne Armstrong

Luanne Armstrong holds a Ph.D in Education and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. She has written twenty-five books, and has co-written or edited many other books through to publication. She has published novels, children’s books, memoir and books of essays, as well as poetry. Her most recent book is a collection of poetry and photography titled When We Are Broken: The Lake Elegy (Maa Press). Her most recent memoir was A Bright and Steady Flame (Caitlin Press, 2018), and her new book of essays, Going to Ground: Being and Place, was published by Caitlin Press in 2022. She has won or been nominated for many awards, including the Chocolate Lily Award, the BC Hubert Evans Award, the Moonbeam Award, the Red Cedar Award, Surrey Schools Book of the Year Award, the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Award, and the Silver Birch Award. Armstrong lives on Ktunaxa ?amak’is, “The People’s Land.”


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210 Pages
7.63in * 5.25in * .54in


September 30, 2016


Ronsdale Press



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