Sam Francisco, King of the Disco

By (author): Sarah Tagholm

Illustrated by: Binny Talib

A toe-tapping adventure celebrating optimism in the face of adversity about a community of cool cats who just want to have fun.

Superstar DJ Sam Francisco’s party is keeping his neighbor Buzzkill Bill awake. Bill tries everything to shut it down—he sends his dogs, then pest control, the fire department, and the police! When Bill finally succeeds in pulling the plug, things look bleak, but luckily it’s the people (and the cats) who make a party, not the fancy equipment.

Written in verse, this exuberant celebration of dance, music, and self-expression begs to be read aloud over and over. Young readers and adults alike will delight in the humor, charm, and energy of Sarah Tagholm and Binny Talib’s fantastic felines led by Sam, the David Bowie of cats. Featuring a silver-foiled cover for full disco effect, readers are introduced to many musical genres, as each of Sam Francisco’s adversaries are gradually won over by the beat.


Sarah Tagholm

SARAH TAGHOLM fell in love with books as a child, followed by dance, traveling, and tagging sea turtles! She lives with her family, including her cat, Envelope, whose mysterious nightly adventures inspired this story. She lives in the UK.


Binny Talib

BINNY TALIB creates fantastic books for kids and fabulous wallpaper for grown-ups. Her family includes her dog, Paddington, who would love a cat disco. She lives in Australia.


  • Moonbeam Childrenu2019s Book Award 2023, Joint winner
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    32 Pages
    9.70in * 11.30in * .40in


    September 19, 2023


    Annick Press



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    JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Cats

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