Through&nbspforty-two&nbsppersonal essays,&nbspResonance: Essays on the Craft and Life of Writing&nbspbrings together insights from writers and publishers&nbspacross Canada on the practices that fuel their work, and&nbspinvites readers to join the conversation through a series of engaging writing prompts. The&nbspessays collected here include strategies for pre-writing, writing and revision, as well as&nbspthoughts on the writing life and the world of writing.&nbspResonance&nbspis for any writer of fiction, non-fiction or poetry who has ever wanted a helping hand, a quick chat or a word of encouragement along the lonely road from blank page to published work.&nbsp

Resonance&nbspseeks to build community and&nbspextend the practice of creativity to writers everywhere.

Contributors include: Jen Sookfong Lee, Aislinn Hunter, Betsy Warland, Wayde Compton, Caroline Adderson, Kayla Czaga, JJ Lee, Carleigh Baker and Jónína Kirton.


Laura Farina

Laura Farina’s first book of poetry, This Woman Alphabetical (2005), won the Archibald Lampman Prize (best poetry book published in Ottawa). She was born and grew up in Ottawa, and then gradually made her way west. She lives in Vancouver, BC.


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February 22, 2022



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