Read This Before You Diet

By (author): Kirsten Bédard

This is not a diet book. This is the book to read before going on a diet. Read This Before You Diet doesn’t tie the reader up with notions of fad diets – no “how I lost weight eating my favourite foods” recipe here. It is a book that releases the reader from the strictures of any specific diet, and addresses nutrition and metabolism. It explains in basic terms how the body uses food as fuel, how the brain reacts to certain kinds of foods and patterns of eating, and not only the how but the why of weight gain and weight loss.

Nutritionist, personal trainer, and corporate speaker Kirsten Bédard combines clear language and delightful, humorous illustrations to give readers a step-by-step guide to attaining a healthy lifestyle, and to promote the idea that weight loss is better approached not as a radical undertaking, but as the happy by-product of simple but important changes that everyone can make in their daily habits.


Kirsten Bédard

Kirsten Bédard is a nutritionist who provides consulting and exercise training for weight loss, fitness and health in downtown Toronto.


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December 06, 2017


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