By (author): Mia Couto

Translated by: Eric M.B. Becker

Mia Couto, winner of the Neustadt International Prize, and a finalist for the Man Booker International Prize, first became famous as a writer of enchanting short stories. In Rain And Other Stories, one of his most appealing collections, here available in English for the first time, the borders that separate people melt as a poor African country emerges from sixteen years of civil war and assumes its identity as an independent nation.

In these playful, poignant stories of ordinary people, the African oral tale merges into the contemporary short story, magic blends with realism, and the boundaries between Africans and Europeans, men and women, and even the living and the dead, yield before a joyous mixing. Amid visions of water and rain, fishermen and farmers, spiritualists and lovers, experience sparkling new ways of renewing life in a country that is being reborn.


Mia Couto

Mia Couto is the author of 25 books. Translated into 20 languages, his novels have been bestsellers in Africa, Europe, and Latin America. David Brookshaw is a professor of Hispanic, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies at the University of Bristol (London), and the General Editor of the HiPLA Monograph Series. He is the translator of six books by Couto, including Sleepwalking Land and The Last Flight of the Flamingo.


Praise for Mia Couto

“[Couto is] a brilliant aphorist. There are countless sentences that … have the weight and wisdom of ancient proverbs.”—THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

“Couto’s narrative tone, at once deadpan and beguiling, and his virtuoso management of time place him alongside the best Latin American magic realists.”—TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT


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February 19, 2018





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