Radio Jet Lag

By (author): Gregor Craigie


Gregor Craigie

Gregor Craigie is a friendly public radio journalist, currently hosting CBC Radio One’s On the Island in Victoria, BC. He is generally well-liked and known for being fair, but will occasionally push people on political and social issues – while maintaining his manners, of course. Inspired by his interest in earthquakes, Craigie’s non-fiction book On Borrowed Time was a finalist for the inaugural Writers’ Trust Balsillie Prize for Public Policy. In an effort to stay healthy and as a tiny offering in the fight against climate change, Craigie bikes to work daily.


“I thoroughly enjoyed my morning show experience with this novel.”
– I’ve Read This

“We don’t often get books about the difficulties of going back to work as a father so I really appreciated this perspective and Stephen’s a funny character to follow. … It’s a great summertime read.”
– The Homestretch with Chris dela Torre, Jennny Howe

“With a sympathetic protagonist, relevant themes, and a compelling plot underpinning its light tone, Radio Jet Lag is an auspicious fictional outing.”
– The British Columbia Review

“… as engrossing as it is entertaining.”
– The Toronto Star

“An amiable picaresque, moving smoothly from one comic setpiece to the next.”
– The Vancouver Sun


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June 17, 2023


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