PLAY: Dramaturgies of Participation

By (author): Jenn Stephenson, Mariah Horner

Illustrated by: Jeff McGilton

From escape rooms to TikTok to Tim Horton’s “Roll Up the Rim to Win” to DIY everything, participatory performance is ingrained in the very fabric of our contemporary society. Written in a series of alphabetical, standalone mini essays that activate the reader as a participant who chooses their own path, PLAY: Dramaturgies of Participation collects, describes, and analyzes live performances in which the audience become participants in the piece itself.

Jenn Stephenson and Mariah Horner explore the parallels between participatory theatre and the interactive phenomenon where the passive consumer is now engaging with their content. In a world where participation is key to our social interaction, Stephenson and Horner find a unique approach to understanding our relationship with theatre, and by extension, each other.


Jenn Stephenson

Jenn Stephenson is a professor in the Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University. Jenn’s current research is concerned with the dramaturgies of participation in theatre-game hybrid events. She is Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Theatre Review.


Mariah Horner

Mariah Horner is a Ph.D. candidate at Queen’s University in the Cultural Studies Department. She won the 2022 Mayor’s Arts Award (Creator) in Kingston as a site-specific theatre artist and is a vocalist with Kingston supergroup The Gertrudes. Recent articles have appeared in Canadian Theatre Review and Theatre Research in Canada.


Jeff McGilton

Jeff McGilton is a queer creator, collaborator, and
facilitator with a passion for community-based arts. Trained in applied
theatre, Jeff acknowledges the power that art can have in the conveying of
meaning, bridging of gaps, and shifting of perspectives. He is a firm believer
in the importance of access to art for all and has worked in multiple settings
that facilitate that process. He hopes that the puzzles and illustrations found
throughout this book bring its readers joy, rumination, laughter, a
conversation, new collaborations, and happy realizations.


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May 21, 2024



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