Notice: A Novel

By (author): Geoffrey Brown

This desperate rant from a man struggling through a lonely and fragmented existence uses the power and rhythm of the English language in a new way. Geoffrey Brown draws readers into his world with its poetic moments and spurts about the decay of everyday life in Notice: A Novel.

In Notice, Geoffery Brown creates a curious and terrifying world in which the characters remain nameless and faceless throughout. Their motivations are a mystery-we are exposed only to highly neurotic situations that we can’t possibly understand, but that we can relate to with a surprising familiarity. Geoffery Brown has created a fascinating narrative style that grips your emotions from the first passage.


Geoffrey Brown

Geoffrey Brown is the author of Notice (Gutter Press, 1999). In 2003 ‘Listen,’ an excerpt from this novel, was shortlisted for the Journey Prize. He is also a photographer whose work has appeared in Vice and on the CBC Radio 3 website. His photography reviews have appeared in Flash Art.


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88 Pages
8.5in * 5.5in * 0.25in


October 31, 2003


Coach House Books



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