By (author): Gil Fagiani

Using the poetry of the people and the language of the streets, Gil Fagiani brings to life the world of addiction and treatment — with the tumultuous 1960s as background. Fagiani tells the story of Logos, a heroin treatment center in South Bronx — not as an outsider looking in but as one of the residents seeking a way to escape his own addiction. Both harsh and hard-hitting, Fagiani doesn’t hold back in presenting the bitter truths as well as the glimpses of hope shared not just by addicts but by all humans in times of crisis. Lessons that have served him well in life.


Gil Fagiani

Gil Fagiani?s poetry collections include: Rooks, Grandpa?s Wine, which has been translated into Italian by Paul D?Agostino, A Blanquito in El Barrio, Chianti in Connecticut, and Serfs of Psychiatry. A social worker by profession, Gil worked for 12 years at a Bronx psychiatric hospital and directed a residential program for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics in Downtown Brooklyn for 21 years


What is immediately striking in reading Gil Fagiani?s poems is his commitment to relive a world of innermost memories without ever falling into an easy sentimentality or a mannered nostalgic longing. — Angelo Verga


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March 01, 2015


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