Life Expectancy

By (author): Alison Hughes


Alison Hughes

Alison Hughes is the award-winning author of twenty books for children and young adults. Her YA novel Hit the Ground Running was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Awards. Hughes’ works have also won the R. Ross Annett Award and the Writers’ Union of Canada Writing for Children Award, and have been nominated for numerous provincial children’s choice awards. Hughes is a university writing advisor and gives workshops and presentations at schools, libraries, conferences and festivals. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta.


“This moody, feisty, clumsy character may prod her young adult readers into looking at their own lives, perhaps realizing just how precious their time is and how important it is for all of us to live our lives fully each and every day.”
– Canadian Review of Materials

“The character of Sophie is intelligent, and readers will recognize her struggles of trying to fit in, meet others’ expectations of her, and how she reacts to discovering life altering information. … Life Expectancy would be appropriate for any young adult reader, especially in helping readers understand how others may be affected by serious illness or other situations that aren’t happening directly ‘to them,’ and foster understanding and compassion.”
“Alison Hughes has crafted a narrative so deeply excruciating and beautiful it defied my initial expectations. I will not spoil the story as it is one that you absolutely must read.”


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September 23, 2023


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