Les Faux Bourgeois

By (author): Andreas Seppelt

Les Faux Bourgeois Bistro is an award-winning French bistro situated at the awkward intersection of Kingsway and Fraser Street&nbspin an equally disjointed neighbourhood&nbspin East Vancouver. Founded in 2007, Les Faux Bourgeois soon became a beacon of French bistro “amor” and garnered a loyal clientele and critical acclaim to match.

Selected by the Georgia Straight as “Best French” in 2013, 2014, and 2015; Mia Stainsby of the&nbspVancouver Sun&nbspproclaimed: “It either makes you pine for Paris, or transports you there!”; and, Vancouver Magazine&nbspsoon chimed in: “It’s no wonder this savvy effort plays to a packed house every night … Oenophiles masquerading as servers maintain a spirited atmosphere of clinking glasses and lively chatter with hefty pours of the cheap and cheerful. Best call ahead.”

Les Fauxbo, now in its eighth year, continues to pump out bistro-love, with a classic French bistro cuisine, simple yet elegant, in a vibrant and unpretentious setting. The recipes are traditional, with a slight ?West Coast’ tweak, and with an understanding that even simple dishes can be elevated with the proper time and attention.

Bistro cuisine has always navigated the balance between rich ingredients and a lighter touch of French cooking. The names of the dishes are simple and evocative: pate de campagne, duck confit, cassoulet, boudin noir, and the ubiquitous ?steak frites,’ for example.

Many have heard of these dishes, and some have tried them. The Fauxbo book will endeavor to walk the reader through the preparation of these classics, while sharing some anecdotal ?culinary’ history and literary tidbits along the way.

The Fauxbo book is designed to bring many things ?French’ into your home, through recipes, and meditations on ingredients, such as cheese, chacuterie, and most importantly, the wine! We’ll spend some time demystifying the classic wine regions and showing the reader how to find those little ?nuggets’ of wine bliss on the local shelves, and we’ll also discuss other classic French spirits and apertifs and how to avoid the plethora of ?jive juice’ which makes its way into your consumer options.
We’ll walk you through the classic cheeses, and post our list of six or seven ?can’t miss’ party offerings and also commentary from local wine and cheese experts.

“Vive la Fete!”


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January 15, 2021



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