Josh and The Magic Vial

Josh Dempster fantasizes about achieving material success with the comic book series that he is drawing from visions in his sleep. But this street-savvy twelve year old is unaware that destiny has more in store for him than a BMW and a plush office for daydreaming.
Craig Spence creates an engaging moral quest when Lil, the neighbourhood curiosity shop owner/witch, recognizes Josh as the heir of Vortigen – a profoundly evil spellbinder who blames T.V. and computers for the demise of his dark arts, and seeks to restore his vile power through Josh. With a stolen magical vial, his best friends, and a ghostly working-class 19th century Victorian cop as a guide, Josh leads an action-packed “transmigration” between his Vancouver neighbourhood and the dark Kingdom of Syde. His parents warned him about the coffee shops on Main and Broadway, but they didn’t say anything about restoring the balance between good and evil through the power of love.


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396 Pages
8.50in * 5.50in * 1.15in


October 11, 2006


Thistledown Press



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JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

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