Jim’s Grandiose Big Bible Picture Book

By (author): James Paterson

Famous stories of the Bible for adults ? including the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Joseph and his coat of many colours, the Three Wise Men, and Joseph and Mary’s Flight into Egypt ? as you’ve never seen them before. Each story is lavishly recreated and then deconstructed with intriguing biblical, cultural, and artistic insights. An amazingly entertaining book for repeated viewings, reading, and meditation. Watch Old Testament and New Testament worlds spring into living colour before your very eyes!


James Paterson

James Paterson, of Oakville, Ontario, and his art have been covered by such media venues as the National Post, the Globe and Mail, the Hamilton Spectator, Weird Homes TV, and CBC Morningside. He has won many awards for his art, including from the Society of Canadian Artists and the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, and his work has been exhibited in such galleries as Claridge College in Montreal and the Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver.


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83 Pages
12.00in * 9.10in * 0.60in


October 01, 2007


ECW Press



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