Jacqueline the Singing Crow

By (author): Mandi Kujawa

By (artist): Claude St Aubin

The uplifting tale of a crow called Jacqueline who lives to sing. After a bruising encounter with opinionated people that crushes her confidence and self-belief, Jacqueline flies south to escape the pain and rediscover her true self. A story that will help anyone who has ever been told they couldn’t do something, to stand firm against their critics.


“Jacqueline the Singing Crow is a sweet story that teaches children about the importance of being yourself and having the confidence to keep trying the things that you are passionate about despite receiving negative feedback. This text opens the door to many conversations about personal identity and determination. This heart-warming tale is likely to become a cherished story time read for many children. Highly Recommended.” — Canadian Materials

“Colourful and heartfelt.” — Rocky Mountain Outlook

“It’s a fun, beautifully illustrated book with a universal message that can appeal to both children and their parents.” — Calgary Herald


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48 Pages
8.8in * 11.61in * .15in


May 15, 2015





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