Indigenous Resistance and Development in Winnipeg: 1960-2000

Tracing through Indigenous institutional development in Winnipeg, and providing a unique perspective on the history of Indigenous housing development, education, and economic development, Indigenous Resistance and Development in Winnipeg 1960-2000 explores Indigenous resistance in Winnipeg through the work of various Winnipeg institutions, including The Indian and Métis Friendship Centre, Children of the Earth and Niji Mahkwa schools, The Indigenous Women?s Collective of Manitoba: Dibenimisowin (We Own Ourselves), the Ma Maw Wi Chi Itata Centre, The Native Women?s Transition Centre, and Two Spirited People of Manitoba, among others. Taking on a rich historical grounding and encompassing a new generation of Indigenous organizing, this is the first book that explores Winnipeg history exclusively through the impactful development and resistance work of Indigenous organizations. Contributors include Nicole Lamy, Shauna MacKinnon, Kathy Mallett, Lawrie Deane, Lynne Fernandez, Doris Young, Annetta Armstrong, Josie Hill, John Loxley, Chantal Fiola, and Albert McLeod.


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March 01, 2023





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