I Have Lived Four Lives

By (author): Wilfred Buck

Commencing by explaining how the word Ininew?refers to the phrase ?mixing of four,?Wilfred Buck embarks upon a series of dazzling stories: ?herein is the story of how I lived and how I died and how I lived again along with the dreams I have dreamed and the visions I have seen.? In this unique collection of writings Buck, an Ininew Dream Keeper (Pawami niki titi cikiw), illustrates, four separate stages of personal experience. The stories in I Have Lived Four Lives? are designed as aids to the discovery and healing for Indigenous youth, and encompass a range of hilarious and vivid recollections that revolve around visions and dreams, and that ultimately trace Buck?s path to becoming a teacher in Indigenous cosmology and astronomy.


Wilfred Buck

Wilfred Buck is a science facilitator at the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre and an Indigenousstar loreexpert. A member of the Opaskwayak Cree NationBuck is known as “the star guy” due to his knowledge of First Nations astronomy. He has researched and consulted with elders to learn more about the astronomical knowledge of Cree,Ojibway,Lakota peoples.


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October 12, 2021





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