Hope Matters

Hope Matters, written by multiple award-winner Lee Maracle, in collaboration with her daughters Columpa Bobb and Tania Carter, focuses on the journey of Indigenous people from colonial beginnings to reconciliation.

Maracle states that the book, “is also about the journey of myself and my two daughters.” During their youth, Bobb and Carter wrote poetry with their mother, and eventually they all decided that one day they would write a book together. This book is the result of that dream.

Written collaboratively by all three women, the poems in Hope Matters blend their voices together into a shared song of hope and reconciliation.


Lee Maracle

Lee Maracle is an author and critic born in Vancouver. A prolific First Nations writer and expert on First Nations culture and history, Lee Maracle is an influential Aboriginal voice in Canadian postcolonial criticism.


Tania Carter

TANIA CARTER was born in Vancouver. She is an actor, playwright and poet. She is a member of the Sto:lo Nation. Hope Matters is a poetry book co-writtten by Carter, her sister Columpa Bobb, and their mother acclaimed author and activist Lee Maracle. After living for twenty years in Toronto, she now lives again in Vancouver.


“The writing confronts the reader with the ugly, violent truth and traumatic wounds of colonization, racism, and sexism as inescapably as generations of women have had to face and endure them in their everyday lives. Yet the poetry is a colourful celebration of women’s strength, resilience, and power of love that testifies to their determined efforts to make their families, communities, and nations survive and thrive.” —Canadian Literature


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April 24, 2019


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