Halloween Mouse

By (author): Philip Roy

Illustrated by: Lisa Ferguson

What does Halloween mean to a mouse who has never celebrated it before??Imagine&nbspHappy’s&nbspfright when the&nbspnextdoor&nbspneighbour hangs a ghost on her house. Witness his displeasure at the thought of dressing up and walking door to door to beg for treats. What a nuisance! What are treats anyway? Then, see the transition in the sweets-loving mouse when he learns that treats mean candy, his favourite thing. Suddenly, Happy can’t get out the door fast enough. But John needs a costume, and the only face paint they can find is shoe polish. How?can Happy get John ready to hit the streets before the other kids take all the candy? And what sort of costume will the little mouse wear? And what happens if you eat too much candy, anyway? Join John and Happy as John introduces Happy to his very first Halloween.


Philip Roy

Philip Roy continues to travel back and forth between Nova Scotia and Ontario, keeping residence in both places. Whenever possible, he visits the places he writes about in the Submarine Outlaw series. From 1999 to 2001, he lived on the island of Saipan, which features in Ghosts of the Pacific. Recently, he travelled to India to research the fifth book in the series, Outlaw in India, and to South Africa for book six, Seas of South Africa. Book seven, Eco Warrior, will be set in Australia, which he has recently visited. Travelling makes for great adventure, Philip contends. The only thing better is writing about it and visiting schools to share the stories and research with young readers.


“Children will love this story.&nbspHighly Recommended” – CM: Canadian Review of Materials


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32 Pages
9.2in * 9.21in * .35in


October 31, 2021


Ronsdale Press



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