Ghost Pine

Ghost Pine: All Stories True offers thirteen years worth of sparkling true stories from the life of author Jeff Miller, compiling the best of his long-running zine. From his youth in suburban Ottawa in the late 1990s, to travels across Canada and North America and his current home in Montreal, Miller’s stories are equal measures funny and sad, nostalgic and unsentimental, punk rock and grandparents.


“Jeff Miller spins an entertaining true life tale, especially when discussing his suburban punk rock youth.”Boing Boing

“Whether you still hold dear the smell of photocopier toner in the internet age, or this is your first exposure to the zine, the stories of Ghost Pine stick long after the last page is turned.”This Magazine

“Anyone to whom suburbs ‘became the symbol of everything wrong in the world,’ who belonged to a high school ‘Social Justice Club,’ or who marches when ‘evil politicians come to town’ will relate to and chuckle at these slices of youthful life.”Montreal Review of Books

“Miller repeatedly does what zine writers are supposed to do: he brings us into his world. He takes us where he’s been and where he’s going.”Razorcake

“Pithy and charming, Miller’s voice is an engaging one, and reading this you’ll feel as though you’re with a friend, and that the two of you are out together, taking note of all to see.”Ottawa XPress

“Jeff Miller’s writing in Ghost Pine over the past thirteen years stands out amidst the scribbling crowd.”Maximumrocknroll

“Miller slows the progression . . . of growing up to examine its transformative passages.”The Coast


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April 15, 2010



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