Food & Trembling

By (author): Jonah Campbell

What hidden evasions and exclusions lie behind the subtle perfection of the BLT? What is the etymology of the croissant? Why did we drink all that Bud Lite Lime? What did you do to my face? This collection of writing by Jonah Campbell-metalhead, misanthrope, unrepentant good eater-explores both the finest and most furtive of culinary pleasures. Food & Trembling approaches eating not with a four-figure expense account, but a rare insight and fierce appetite for the pleasures of the table. Also chips. Too many chips.

“Jonah Campbell’s Food & Trembling is a love song of food and language written by a lover of gravy and a hater of brunches.”The Coast


Jonah Campbell

Jonah Campbell lives in Montreal, QC. He divides his time between food, drink, and research with the Social Studies of Medicine unit at McGill University. He also pours wine. His work has appeared in the National Post, Harper’s, VICE, and Cult MTL. He is the author of Eaten Back To Life and Food and Trembling.


“Looking for a refreshingly irreverent commentary on the food world? Look no further than Montreal’s own culinary maverick, Jonah Campbell. Brace yourself for a wild ride as he fearlessly dives into the culinary chaos, armed with his razor-sharp wit and unconventional insights. Campbell’s writing and blogging have become a deliciously outrageous addition to the food scene, leaving readers craving more.”Canadian Cookbooks

“Campbell is a mess of contradictions, singing the praises of caperberries in one essay and Doritos Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger Flavored Tortilla Chips in the next; idealizing the authenticity of a chickpea shami offered by a literal hole-in-the-wall Montreal food counter here, yet perfectly happy to construct a soy milk-based béchamel there.”Montreal Review of Books

“There’s wonderful variety in this book, which includes some of Campbell’s thoughts on offal, veganism, French cuisine, and all sorts of other food-related issues. He even includes a whole genre’s worth of disquisition purely on potato chip flavourings… He’s energetic in his prose and thought.”—Book Addiction

“Jonah Campbell’s Food & Tremblingis a love song of food and language written by a lover of gravy and a hater of brunches.”The Coast


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October 15, 2011



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