Following Nimishoomis

By (author): Helen Agger

Following Nimishoomis provides a detailed history of the Namegosibiing Trout Lake community in northwestern Ontario through the life story of Dedibaayaanimanook Sarah Keesick Olsen as told by her daughter. Namegosibiing was Dedibaayaanimanook’s ancestral homeland where she was born in 1922 and where she gained firsthand knowledge about traditional teachings and ways of life. The story reveals, the many challenges faced by her community in that critical period of change in the early part of the 20th century. Dedibaayaanimanook grew up in a way that was hardly touched by Europeans, witnessed at a young age their increasing encroachment, and lived her adult life coping with the challenging changes by drawing on the worldviews instilled in her by her parents and grandparents. She raised a family of her own in a society dominated by European values and with a European partner, but she never forgot about the values of her own people.


Helen Agger

Helen Agger grew up in Namegosibiing Trout Lake, Ontario, the ancestral homeland of her mother’s people. With their Norwegian-born father setting their educational goals, Helen and her siblings lived with Caucasian families in Kenora during their elementary school years. Helen then moved to Winnipeg where she attended the University of Manitoba. She received a bachelor’s degree in human ecology and a master’s degree in public administration. Today Helen lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is married and has a daughter. Following Nimishoomis: The Trout Lake History of Dedibaayaanimanook Sarah Keesick Olsenis Helen’s first book with Theytus.


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November 14, 2008


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