Exact Fare Only II

Edited by: Ian Cockfield

Back with more, ‘Exact Fare Only 2’ is the follow-up collection of the weird, the wild and the wonderful of commuter literature. Whether by land, sea or air, public transit around the world says more about the human condition than many want to admit. These real-life tales, reflections, poems, and rants are required reading for commuters everywhere. Join Teresa McWhirter as she gets propositioned on a cross-country Greyhound, Matthew Firth accidentally witnessing a midnight exchange ofessential services, Scott Gunning encountering compassion on a third-class bus in southern India, Catherine McNeil who misses her ride and discovers the cost of a stranger’s kindness, and follow ten years of Patricia Rutale’s life as a TTC rider negotiating urban legends, prejudice, come-ons and bright-eyed awe.

“In ‘Exact Fare Only’, tragicomedy sits alongside subtle, and not so subtle, social commentary and wry, mordant humour as the writers navigate and negotiate the myriad unwritten rulesand unspoken protocols of public transit, seeking that most elusive destination: their stop.” – Book in Canada


Ian Cockfield

Ian Cockfield is the assistant editor of ‘Event’ magazine, and a former fiction editor of ‘PRISM International’. In his many travels, he’s been a dedicated (though occasionally reluctant) user of public transit, from overloaded Indonesian passenger ferries, to suicidal Punjabi express busses and the ubiquitous tuk-tuks of Bangkok. He lives in Vancouver.


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180 Pages
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November 15, 2003



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