Evil That Men Do, The

By (author): Michael Blair

On his return to Montreal, Riley becomes entangled in the wreckage left behind by a con man called Brandt who ran a Ponzi scheme. When the fifty-million-dollar scheme falls apart and dozens of people are left destitute, some of them figure that Brandt’s wife Terry must know where he’s hiding out. Riley’s not convinced, but then Terry’s the woman Riley was living with when he left Montreal twenty years before.


Michael Blair

Michael Blair’s first novel (If Looks Could Kill, M&S, 2001) was shortlisted for the 1999 Chapters Robertson Davies Prize as well as the 2001 Quebec Writers’ Federation First Book Prize. He published four more novels, including Depth of Field (Dundurn, 2009) and True Believers. He lived in Montreal with his family, and died in 2022.


The path is funny, smart and full of great dialogue and clever characters. Gullibility kills, all right, but it also makes for a terrific plotline for a possible murder.–Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail,, on True Believers.


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March 25, 2017



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