Different Minds

By (author): Lorna Drew, Leo Ferrari

Lorna Drew thought her partner was carrying his absent-minded professor status too far, until he was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease.

A thoughtful memoir and a wide-ranging handbook, Different Minds is an illuminating side-by-side account of life with Alzheimer Disease. Prepared with the assistance of the Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick, it offers practical advice on everything from reorganizing finances to dealing with emotions.

In intimate journal entries, Lorna expresses how hard she finds being both partner and caregiver, while Leo shares knowledge gathered from experience and extensive reading. His vivid descriptions of how a person fighting Alzheimer Disease interprets his strange new world are invaluable to people newly diagnosed with this disease and to their loved ones and caregivers.

Featuring a detailed bibliography, a list of useful Web sites and helpful suggestions like making checklists, how to stay active or where to look for support, Different Minds is a unique guide to coping with mutual distress while enjoying life together.


Lorna Drew

Following a 20-year career as a nurse, Lorna Drew changed directions and became a writer and lecturer. She teaches at St. Thomas University in Fredericton.


Leo Ferrari

Born in Australia, Leo Ferrari is a retired scientist, philosophy professor, and world-renowned authority on St. Augustine. He is the author of numerous scholarly books and concordances, two collections of poetry, and many newspaper features. He has taught at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, where he was appointed Professor Emeritus in 1998.


In 2003, Lorna Drew and Leo Ferrari made a shocking discovery. Leo wasn’t just an absent-minded professor; he had Alzheimer Disease. In Different Minds, Lorna describes her fluctuating emotional journey and outlines her coping strategies, while Leo vividly — and humorously — expresses what AD feels like from the inside.
“Their writing is candid, honest and infused with Ferrari’s humour and Drew’s sober optimism.”
“Their voices — that of caretaker and caretaken — mingle tenderly even as they offer a number of practical tips for coping with the day-to-day realities and emotional upheavals of the disease.”


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112 Pages
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September 22, 2005


Goose Lane Editions



9780864925602 – EPUB

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