Dear Humans

By (author): Nisha Coleman

The Earth is changing fast. Polar Bear’s ice is melting. Gazelle’s savanna is turning into a desert. Sea Turtle’s waters are poisoned. How bad is it? The animals gather to talk. When they realize that humans are behind the destruction, they must act quickly. Could they send them to another planet? Maybe the humans need their help? The animals write a letter to remind humans how they were meant to live on this Earth. And how to turn things around before it’s too late.


Nisha Coleman

Nisha Coleman is a writer, storyteller, and actor based in Montreal. Her stories have been featured on the CBC, Moth Radio Hour, and Risk! podcast. She facilitates community storytelling workshops, locally and internationally, including for Story Collider, which was part of a collaboration with the World Health Organization. Coleman is the co-founder of Strand Storytelling School and co-artistic director of the storytelling series Enfabulation. Her memoir Busker: Stories from the Streets of Paris was published by Radiant Press in 2016.


“Dear Humans: A Letter from the Animals takes us into an emergency meeting among the animals to confront a crisis: the increasing destruction of their habitat. The animals wonder why humans are not doing more to protect the planet. But the answer is not as simple as they might think, and the solution may lie in the wisdom and creativity of humans themselves. With both humour and unflinching candidness, Dear Humans plunges us into an urgent conversation, inviting readers of all ages to engage in constructive dialogue about our relationship to the natural world.”
Andrew Katz, author I Just Want to Be Super!


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March 07, 2023





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