Critical Fictions

By (author): Hannah Godfrey

Critical Fictions contains essays and other writing about five contemporary artists living and working in Canada. Although quite distinct, there are threads and sympathies between them. All are Canadian, each works with abstraction, the body is central, they probe structures of power and control with wit and pathos, and each is queer. Their subversion, humour, slipperiness, and fluidity are rooted in their queerness, making them intimate bedfellows. Their work is brilliantly critical, tenderly gorgeous, and delightfully acerbic.

Many of Hannah?s responses didn?t fit in a conventional essay form: memories, images, poems, stories, and weird tangents bubbled up. These interdisciplinary texts, mostly placed after each essay, respond to the analysis, the art, and the experience of writing with these artists? work.


Hannah Godfrey

Hannah Godfrey (AKA hannah_g) is a writer and artist based in Winnipeg, Treaty 1. She has worked in many above-and below-board settings including art galleries, anarchic cinema microplexes, national museums, music venues, derelict warehouses, and festivals. Generosity, irreverence, and earnestness underpin her endeavours. Born in the UK, she moved to Winnipeg in 2008.


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February 01, 2023



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