Counting at Kits Beach

Learning to count is easy and fun with Counting at Kits Beach. Follow Oliver McDonald’s delightful and colourful pictures, which count various beings at Kits (Kitsilano) Beach, Vancouver. The images begin at ten and count down to one. From the final page showing the sunset sky, the reader is encouraged to count back to ten! Children ages three to six will love Counting at Kits Beach!


Oliver Moss Warawa McDonald

Oliver Moss Warawa McDonald was born in NorthVancouver, B.C. and has lived his entire life by the coast. He is a member ofthe Peguis Nation, and identifies as a 2-spirit person. He is the author andillustrator of Counting at Kits Beach, which is his debutchildren’s book. Oliver currently lives in Vancouver on stolen Musqueam andSquamish territory, where he continues to create. He creates art under the nameWest Coast Cree Creations, the name of which represents a complicated identity.Oliver is a Cree person, yet was raised on the coast. Seas and mountains are hishome. He strives to learn about his ancestors back in Manitoba, and to connectwith his elders. His art celebrates the balance between residing on the westcoast, and his cultural roots of Cree heritage.


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We are at Kits Beach. There are so many beautifulthings to look at! Can you count them with me?

Look!There are ten kayakers paddling over the water. Have you ever kayaked before?

Look!There are nine fluffy bunnies eating vegetables. They are so cute!

Look!There are eight tiny starfish on an ocean log. Seaweed grows from the wood.

Look!There are seven dogs playing on the beach. The dogs splash in the water andchase each other.

Look! There are six scuttling crabs. They hide underrocks.

Look!There are five orcas in a pod. They make spouts when they breathe!

Look!There are four shipping freighters. They must be full of lots of stuff!

Look!There are three fishermen angling for a catch. The crows want some fish, too.

Look!There are two seagulls swooping down towards fries. Someone left their lunch unattended!

Look!There is one beautiful sunset sky. Let’s come back again another day!

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July 27, 2024


Kegedonce Press



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