Chainsaw Earle

“Chainsaw Earle” is an original and highly amusing song written by Wayne Chaulk and Kevin Blackmore of the band Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. A popular request wherever the group performs, the tune is featured in at least four videos on Wayne claims the song is based on a guy in his home town who was “absolutely fixated on the chainsaw” and loved the smell of oil fumes and the damage it could do to a tree. “Chainsaw Earle” was finished in 1990 while the two musicians were driving along the South Shore of Nova Scotia and can be found on the band’s album entitled “The Miracle Cure.”


Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers is one of the most popular group of entertainers in the history of Newfoundland. Wayne Chaulk, Kevin Blackmore, and Ray Johnson have produced ten full-length albums and three videos, and they appear regularly on national and local television and radio. The group has won awards for both their comedy and their music, including Entertainer of the Year and Comedy Group of the Year. Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers embark on cross-Canada tours every year. Their schedule can be found at the group’s website:


Kevin Tobin

Kevin Tobin’s (KT.) editorial cartoons have been a regular feature of The Telegram’s editorial page for over 20 years. KT. has published nine books on his cartoons and has received a Silver Award of Excellence at the Atlantic Journalism Awards. His colorful caricatures can be found on the walls of offices and rec rooms throughout our province.

Kevin first began his doodling in diapers…his teenage years saw him drawing on his comic book heroes for inspiration. Later, politicians like Crosbie, Mulroney, Wells, Chretien, Tobin & company fueled his fire for creativity and commentary. These days, KT. is keeping a close eye on the ongoing shenanigans of Danny and that crowd in the Confederation Building.

While cartooning and family are his passion, he also loves his day job at m5, and greatly appreciates running, friends, hockey, coaching, and barbecuing.


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