Bent Back Tongue

By (author): Garry Gottfriedson

Bent Back Tongue is a raw examination of love, identity, politics, masculinity, and vulnerability. Through sharp honesty and revealing satire, Gottfriedson delves into Canadian colonialism and the religious political paradigms shaping experiences of a Secwépemc First Nations man. This is a book that tears through deceptions that both Canada and the church impose on their citizens. Gottfriedson tackles the darkest layers of a shared colonial history; at the same time, the poems in Bent Back Tongue are a celebration of love, land, family, and the self. 


Garry Gottfriedson

Garry Gottfriedson, from the Secwepemc Nation (Shuswap), was born, raised and lives in Kamloops, B.C. His published works include five volumes of poetry, as well as nonfiction and children’s fiction. Whiskey Bullets was a finalist for the Anskohk Aboriginal Award, and Skin Like Mine was shortlisted for the Canadian Author’s Literary Award for Poetry. He is an international ambassador for Indigenous writing, with his poetry and other works being anthologized around the world.


“Garry Gottfriedson’s poetry is so full of truth. Bent Back Tongue is hard hitting and powerful and I hope people are open to hearing and learning from it.”

—Bev Sellars

“Garry’s poems contain everything, they’re tender, fierce, playful, and sharp. They search for the invisible miracle and find it.”

—Sean Cranbury


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120 Pages
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September 16, 2022


Caitlin Press





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