By (author): Lisa van de Geyn

With: Vivian Leung

You’ve taken the pregnancy tests, made the big announcement and you’ve probably caught a glimpse of your baby on a sonogram. Congratulations! You’ve got a bundle of joy on the way and the one thing you’re probably not prepared for is the bundle of money it’s going to cost to raise that little one.

In Babies: How to Afford Your Bundle of Joy, writer Lisa van de Geyn leans on financial experts to help parents save a few dollars and get the most bang for their bucks before and after their new additions arrive. While there doesn’t seem to be one specific amount of money experts agree on, raising kids costs a pretty penny. The good news is that there are trade-offs expectant and new parents can make to their lifestyles to make having a baby — and the price tag attached to it — more manageable.

This guide will ensure you’re well-versed in everything from the benefits of seeing up a registered education savings plan and what maternity and parental leave means when it’s tax time, to the payments you’re entitled to from the government after you deliver your baby and advice on getting on employment insurance. We’ll walk you through budgeting and offer plenty of tips and tricks from parents like you who are so wrapped up in the sheer excitement of pregnancy they forget to research what a baby will mean to their bank accounts.


Lisa van de Geyn

Lisa van de Geyn is an experienced, multi-award-winning journalist, magazine writer and editor. She’s also the writer of the award-winning book Babies: How to Afford Your Bundle of Joy. She spends most of her time writing about women’s issues, design, health and money for some of Canada’s biggest magazines. She graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto and has held positions at some of Canada’s most celebrated publications, including Chatelaine and Today’s Parent. She’s also served as a writer and/or contributing editor at several magazines, including Canadian Living, House & Home, Best Health, Living Luxe and others. Lisa is the mother of two teen and tween daughters, Addyson and Peyton. She lives just outside of Toronto and enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and her Netflix subscription.


Vivian Leung

Vivian Leung, CPA, CA, is currently Senior Principal, Taxation at CPA Canada. Prior to this role, she was Program Director for Tax Education where she was responsible for developing and implementing the strategic direction of CPA Canada income tax education, creating or re-designing tax courses and programs, and overseeing their delivery. Leung also works to advance the tax aspects of CPA Canada’s Lifelong Learning initiative for our members. Vivian joined CPA Canada from Ernst & Young (E&Y), where she managed the editorial review and ensured the technical accuracy of income tax titles in CPA Canada’s Tax Reference Series and contributed to other CPA Canada and E&Y publications.


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November 21, 2020

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