“As Many Liars”

By (author): Doug Smith

In 1998, Manitoba’s Conservative government was oozing confidence and appeared certain to cruise to re-election under Premier Gary Filmon. But when a local radio reporter began to investigate rumours about Conservative dirty tricks in the last provincial election, he broke open the scandal that led to a riveting public inquiry, and ultimately to the fall of the government. The Conservatives’ vote-splitting scheme was equal parts detective story and comedy of errors, tragedy and farce. Because it had occurred in the hardscrabble Interlake region, carried out by a wildly eccentric cast of characters, some media commentators dismissed the story as a low-rent scandal conducted by political hillbillies. But in fact the caper was masterminded by the premier’s principal secretary and supported by two of the province’s most distinguished entrepreneurs.


Doug Smith

Doug Smith has written or co-written ten books, including How To Tax a Billionaire: Project Loophole and the Campaign for Tax Fairness, Consulted to Death: How Canada’s Workplace Health and Safety System Fails Its Workers, and Joe Zucken: Citizen and Socialist, which won the Manitoba Historical Society’s Margaret McWilliams Award. “As Many Liars” was nominated for the 2003 Manitoba Book Awards’ Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-fiction.


In 1995, senior members of the Conservative government of Manitoba perpetrated one of the most heinous political crimes in Canadian history. They tried to rig an entire election. Doug Smith has done a masterful job with his highly readable, sometimes even humorous and always cogent book. It should serve as a warning to politicians of all stripes who come to believe in their divine right to rule.” – Frances Russell, Winnipeg Free Press Columnist


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November 15, 2003


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