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By (author): Kaie Kellough

Finalist for the 2017 First Novel Award

Accordéon is an experimental novel, a piercing deconstruction of Québécois culture, an ode to Montréal–a city where everything happens at once and all realities exist simultaneously. Against a satirical Ministry of Culture set on quotas, preservation and containment according to its own cultural code, Kaie Kellough weaves voices and images from the margins to probe collective fantasies of Québec old and new.


Kaie Kellough

Kaie Kellough is a word-sound systemizer. He is the author of two collections of poetry: Lettricity (Cumulus Press) and Maple Leaf Rag (ARP Books).  He has issued two sound recordings: Vox:Versus (WOW), and Creole Continuum (HOWL!), and he has given hundreds of sound poetry performances in Canada and internationally. Kaie’s writing and audio work fuses formal experiment and social engagement, and has appeared in journals in Africa, Japan, Australia, Europe, and the United States. Accordéon  (ARP Books) is Kaie’s debut novel.


Kellough’s vision of the canoe is embodied by Accordéon. It is a remarkable work of experimental fiction that pushes back against those who would forward a singular narrative of this unabashedly contradictory city, celebrating instead the messy multiplicity of Montreal. – Sara Spike, associate of Montreal review of Books


  • Amazonca First Novel Award 2017, Short-listed
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    168 Pages
    8.25in * 6.00in * .40in


    November 15, 2016


    ARP Books



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    FICTION / Urban & Street Lit

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