Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian

By Jean François Ménard
With Marie Malchelosse
Foreword by Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian
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The global pandemic has completely disrupted how, where, and when we work and added tremendous pressure to individuals and their families. Learn how to refocus and achieve your full potential from one of the world’s top mental performance coaches. In Train (Your Brain) Like ... Read more



The global pandemic has completely disrupted how, where, and when we work and added tremendous pressure to individuals and their families. Learn how to refocus and achieve your full potential from one of the world’s top mental performance coaches. In Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian, Jean François Ménard provides the skills necessary to:

  • Remain focused in the face of distractions
  • Overcome negative self-talk and replace it with a constructive mindset
  • Recover quickly and learn from setbacks
  • Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

Elite athletes need to deal with multiple distractions, manage their stress levels, and have robust self-confidence to deliver podium-worthy performances. In our current work-from-home reality, these pressures are also experienced by those of us who are asked to do more with less and work longer hours with fewer distinctions between work and private lives. The pressure to perform at your best and be on the mark is always present, and let’s face it, being consistently great in an environment like this is easier said than done. Whether your performance realm is the playing field, the workplace, the home office, or the classroom, mental strength is no longer simply an asset. It’s an absolute necessity.

Thriving at work and in life doesn’t happen by accident: there are teachable skills that can help you stay positive, stay focused, and unleash your full potential. This book will give you exclusive access to techniques and strategies that help Cirque du Soleil artists, Olympians, and pro athletes become the best in the world.




Introduction: A High Performer in the Making


Have no fear, dear reader! This isn’t about racing up the twenty-two floors of your office building or doing five sets of a hundred push-ups at your workstation. Being an Olympian at work is less painful but can be just as gratifying as being an Olympic athlete performing in front of a global audience.

The goal here is to transfer the mental training strategies that allow an Olympian to perform at any given time — whatever the circumstances — to your working life.

“Performance” is a concept that is often misunderstood and usually associated with a performer who is exceptional in their field. The goal of Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian is not to make you the best in the world in your field, but to offer you ways to improve, period.

But why is it important to learn how to perform better?

Well, in the whirlwind of everyday life, we rarely stop to think about it, yet, for better or worse, we’re called upon to excel, just like an Olympian.

We all have to perform, whether we’re nurses, clerks, teachers, police officers, project managers, or parents, and we all have people who expect something from us, including bosses, customers, shareholders, bankers, colleagues, and children. The same principle applies to high-level athletes, who have to meet the expectations of their coach, their federation, their sponsors, and, ultimately, their country. So, without realizing it, you, too, need to perform, just like an Olympian.

We said it right from the start: it’s not about training your body like an Olympian, although a growing number of professionals find physical exercise, such as running or cycling, to be an effective antidote to stress. Instead, the book will focus on an aspect that both elite athletes and office workers need to perform optimally: mental training.

* Although the term “Olympian” normally refers to the gods of Greek mythology living in Olympia, we’ve decided to use it in this book to only describe high-level athletes who compete in the Olympic Games.




“Ménard is a leader in the field. His book teaches the importance of mental training and how it can help you step up your game when the heat is on. ” — Pat Brisson, NHLPA agent, Co-Head of CAA Hockey

“The mental training techniques used by JF in elite sport and the performing arts are equally transferable to many fields of human performance. ” — Bernard Petiot, Vice-president of Casting and Performance, Cirque du Soleil

“Thanks to the mental training techniques shared in this book, we overcame our fears and gave it our best on the ice. There’s no greater gift for an athlete!” — Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, figure skaters and three-time Olympic champions

“This book provides managers with the tools to adopt a winning attitude and better coach their teams to reach a higher level. ” — Patrick Charbonneau, Vice President of PepsiCo Beverages Canada

“I always knew how to manage the pressure, but, with JF Ménard’s advice, I was able to take things to the next level. He really helped me to avoid distractions and focus on the right things. When I’m at the starting gate, there’s no doubt in my mind! A big part of my success on the slopes comes from excellent mental performance coaching. ” — Mikaël Kingsbury, freestyle skier, Olympic champion and four-time world champion


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