I Never Talk About It

By Véronique Côté, Steve Gagnon, Marie-Claude Plourde
Translated by Lisa Carter, Allison M. Charette, Anissa Bachan, Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo, Melissa Bull, Farrah Gillani, Daniel Grenier, Benjamin Hedley, Natalia Hero, Cassidy Hildebrand, Aleshia Jensen, Pierre-Luc Landry, G. Lefebvre, Tony Malone, Anna Matthews, Riteba McCallum, Peter McCambridge, Felicia Mihali, Jessica Moore, Tom Moore, Guillaume Morissette, Rhonda Mullins, Jean-Paul Murray, Dimitri Nasrallah, Peter Bush, Lori Saint-Martin, Ros Schwartz, Jacob Siefring, Neil Smith, Pablo Strauss, JC Sutcliffe, Michèle Thibeau, Carly Rosalie Vandergriendt, David Warriner, Elizabeth West, and Emily Wilson

I Never Talk About It
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Cupcakes, panda bears, break-ups, wearing sunglasses at night. .. The local and the universal come together in these 37 short stories, brought into English by different translators from all over the world. This project aims to show there are all kinds of ways to bring across ... Read more


Cupcakes, panda bears, break-ups, wearing sunglasses at night. .. The local and the universal come together in these 37 short stories, brought into English by different translators from all over the world. This project aims to show there are all kinds of ways to bring across an author's voice in translation. .. at least 37 of them

Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo

While continuing to pursue a successful career as a professional artist, American-born translator Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo earned a Certificate in Translation from McGill University and a Master’s in Translation Studies from Concordia University. Working out of her Montreal artist’s studio where she still paints, she translates contemporary fiction by Quebecois and First Nations authors.

Melissa Bull

Melissa Bull is a writer and editor,&nbspas well as a French-to-English translator of fiction, essays, and plays.&nbspShe&nbspis&nbspthe editor of Maisonneuve magazine's "Writing from Quebec" column and&nbsphas published her poetry, essays, articles, and interviews in a variety of publications including Event, Lemon Hound,&nbspsubTerrain, Prism, and Matrix.&nbspHer translation of Nelly Arcan's Burqa de Chair (Burqa of Skin) was published by Anvil Press in 2014, and her collection of poetry,&nbspRue, was published in 2015, also by Anvil. Her translation of Marie-Sissi Labrèche's novel, Borderline, is forthcoming. Originally from Montreal, Melissa currently lives in Norwich, England.

Natalia Hero

Writer and translator Natalia Heroux is the author of the novella Hum (2018). Her short fiction and translations have appeared in numerous publications. She lives in Montreal.

Felicia Mihali

Felicia Mihali is a journalist, novelist and publisher who lives in Montréal. In 2012, she published her first book in English, The Darling of Kandahar, inspired by a news item reported in Maclean’s magazine. Today, she writes in French and in English. She is the founder and president of Éditions Hashtag 2018 from Montréal.

Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore is an author and literary translator. Her first book, Everything, now (Brick Books 2012), is a love letter to the dead and a conversation with her translation of Turkana Boy (Talonbooks 2012) by Jean-François Beauchemin, for which she won a PEN America Translation award. Mend the Living, her translation of the novel by Maylis de Kerangal, was nominated for the 2016 International Man Booker. The Whole Singing Ocean (Nightwood 2020) blends long poem, investigation, sailor slang and ecological grief, and was longlisted for the League of Canadian Poets’ Raymond Souster Award. She lives in Toronto.

Guillaume Morissette

Guillaume Morissette is the author of the collection of stories & poems I Am My Own Betrayal (Maison Kasini, 2012) and the novel New Tab (Vehicule Press, 2014), a finalist for the 2015 Amazon.ca First Novel Award, and the 2014 Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction. His work has appeared in Maisonneuve Magazine, Little Brother Magazine, Vice, Electric Literature, Nouveau Projet, Funhouse Magazine, The Quietus, and many other publications. He lives in Montreal.

Rhonda Mullins

Rhonda Mullins is a Montreal-based translator who has translated many books from French into English, including Jocelyne Saucier’s And Miles To Go Before I Sleep, Grégoire Courtois’ The Laws of the Skies, Dominique Fortier’s Paper Houses, and Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette’s Suzanne. She is a seven-time finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation, winning the award in 2015 for her translation of Jocelyne Saucier’s Twenty-One Cardinals. Novels she has translated were contenders for CBC Canada Reads in 2015 and 2019 and one was a finalist for the 2018 Best Translated Book Award. Mullins was the inaugural literary translator in residence at Concordia University in 2018. She is a mentor to emerging translators in the Banff International Literary Translation Program.

Dimitri Nasrallah

Dimitri Nasrallah is the author of four novels. He was born in Lebanon in 1977, and lived in Kuwait, Greece, and Dubai before moving to Canada. His internationally acclaimed books have garnered nominations for CBC Canada Reads, the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and the Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal, and won the Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction and the McAuslan First Book Prize. He is the fiction editor at Véhicule Press.

Pablo Strauss

Pablo Strauss’s previous translations for Coach House Books are The Country Will Bring Us No Peace, The Supreme Orchestra, and Baloney. He is a two-time finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for translation, for Synapses (2019) and The Longest Year (2017). Pablo grew up in Victoria, B.C., and has lived in Quebec City for fifteen years.

JC Sutcliffe

JC Sutcliffe is a writer, translator, book reviewer, and editor who has lived in England, France, and Canada. She has reviewed for the Times Literary Supplement, the Globe and Mail and the National Post among others.


"This offbeat collection of stories provides insights into the process of translation, raising the question of how one can truthfully replicate the stories of complex characters. " —Thomas H. Brennan, Foreword Reviews

"Even more daring and innovative than QC’s usual output . . . these are wonderful snapshots that reveal a whole life of a spectrum of individual types . . . deeply moving . . . honest and raw . . . Let me end by just recommending this collection for its unique take on the nature of translation by providing some excellent, brief but powerful stories and some thoughtful, stimulating translators’ insights. " —Simon Lavery, tredynasdays. co. uk

"Yet another exceptional title from QC Fiction. Stimulating, emotional, and provocative reading. " —James Fisher, The Miramichi Reader

"Unique and daring . . . further evidence of this ambitious young publisher’s determination to offer Canadian and international audiences original, exciting new work from Quebec. " —Joe Schreiber, roughghosts. com

"An intriguing experiment . . . bringing the practice of translation out of the shadows and calling attention to its variants and nuances. " —Steven Beattie, Quill & Quire

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