Free of 'Incurable' Cancer

By Susan Paton

Free of 'Incurable' Cancer
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Susan Paton

Susan Paton is a cancer survivor with a moving and valuable story to tell. She holds degrees from Bishop?s University in Quebec and Université Aix-Marseilles in France and an Executive MBA from Smith College in Massachusetts. Her 30-year career in business has included HR training and consulting, organization development, and career transition coaching and seminars. She lives in Montreal and spends her summers on the shores of Lake Superior at Silver Islet, Ontario.


?A woman like so many others who learns she has cancer but who refuses to let gloomy predictions cripple her. She wants to believe she?ll be healed. She wants to broaden her horizons. She?s ready to challenge herself. Hers is the journey of a heroine. A heroine who overcomes her fears, doubts and suffering, but who ends up winning. A book of hope for those who think they?re doomed. ? Claudia Rainville, author of 9 books in French, Italian and German, and founder of the Meta Health Approach.

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