Pantone Colour of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

We’re not purp-lexed by how gorgeous the Pantone Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet, looks on these covers.

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  • Between the Moments

    Between the Moments


    The poems in “Between the Moments” immerse the reader deep into the reflection of humanity and tangible reality of life to explore the moments of perplexity and simplicity of life. Throughout the book, the author roams the crevices of her desire and invites us into the world filled with tides and stars, mirages and reflections, moments of confusion and enlightenment to resolve deep emotional issues and to find the light in the darkness. In “Between the Moments” the emotions are overlapping and the feelings are evolving until the end of the night.

  • Crown Derby Plate, The

    Crown Derby Plate, The


    An antique collector hears of an ancient woman with a large collection of china. Hoping to complete a particular set, the collector pays a visit to the woman’s ramshackle house, where she makes a terrifying discovery. This 1933 story confirmed Marjorie Bowen as one of our best ghost story writers.

  • The Unravelling

    The Unravelling


    A memoir, told through illustrations and text, of one family’s journey through mental illness, dementia, caregiving, and the health care system.

    Olivier Martini and his mother, Catherine, have lived together since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia thirty-six years ago. It hasn’t always been a perfect living situation, but it’s worked — Catherine has been able to help Olivier through the ups and downs of living with a mental illness, and Olivier has been able to care for his aging mother as her mobility becomes limited, and Olivier’s brothers Clem and Nic have been able to provide support to both as well. But then Olivier experiences a health crisis at the exact same time that his mother starts slipping into dementia.

    The Martini family’s lifelong struggle with mental illness is suddenly complicated immeasurably as they begin to navigate the convoluted world of assisted living and long-term care. With anger, dry humour, and hope, The Unravelling tells the story of one family’s journey with mental illness, dementia, and caregiving, through a poignant graphic narrative from Olivier accompanied by text from his brother, award-winning playwright and novelist Clem Martini.

  • To Love The Coming End

    To Love The Coming End


    In To Love the Coming End, a disillusioned author obsessed with natural disasters and ‘the curse of 11’ reflects on their own personal earthquake: the loss of a loved one. A lyric travelogue that moves between Singapore, Canada, and Japan, this debut from Leanne Dunic captures what it’s like to be united while simultaneously separated from the global experience of trauma, history, and loss that colour our everyday lives.

  • Whatever, Iceberg

    Whatever, Iceberg


    “What if love existed but you didn’t have your notification settings turned on?” This is the first question Tara-Michelle Ziniuk asks in Whatever, Iceberg. The answer is a raucous portrait of love gone wrong (and sometimes right) in the Internet age. These are poems that capture the nervous intensity of longing and heartbreak as they explore how to be in a world where gender is ambiguous–as a lover, parent, activist and writer. Ziniuk knows that love and sex get messy and mixed up and she is fearless and funny in documenting the tumult of expectation and loss. Readers will find here a poet whose truth-telling bravely faces up to the most intimate details.