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  • The Girl of Newgate Prison

    The Girl of Newgate Prison


    A young reader novel about Libby, who is thrown into Newgate Prison in the early years of the 19th century and is sentenced to hang.
    In this young reader novel set at the beginning of the 19th century, Libby is placed in chains and transported to London’s notorious Newgate Prison after which, in a show trial, she is found guilty of helping her brother escape justice for attacking a Peer of the Realm after he beat her. Her punishment? Death by hanging. But while living in the horrific conditions of Newgate Prison, she is befriended by Elizabeth Fry, a woman who is famous for her work with English prisoners. For reasons Libby doesn’t understand she is spared the noose and is imprisoned in a rotten prison ship on the River Thames, where she waits to be transported to Australia. With the help of a new friend, Libby escapes the ship and makes her way to Elizabeth Fry. It is then Libby must make the hardest decision of her life. Does she escape from England or does she risk her life to testify in court about the horrific conditions that women endure in England’s prisons? Will Libby choose to flee to safety, or will she find the courage to seek justice for herself and the unfortunate victims locked in England’s grim prisons?

  • The Lake and the Library

    The Lake and the Library


    Wishing for something out of Alice in Wonderland, something beyond her adventureless life, 16-year-old Ash is counting down the days until she and her mother move away from their prairie hometown of Treade. It’s Ash’s summer of goodbyes until, after a turn of fate, she finds her way into the mysterious, condemned building on the outskirts of town — one that has haunted her entire childhood with secrets and questions. What she finds inside — or what finds her — is an untouched library, inhabited by an enchanting mute named Li.

    Brightened by Li’s charm and his indulgence in her dreams, Ash becomes locked in a world of dusty books and dying memories, with Li becoming the attachment to Treade she never wanted. As the summer vanishes underneath her, and her quest to discover who Li is — or was — proves nearly impossible, Ash must choose between the road ahead or the dream she’s living before it’s too late.

  • The Limitless Sky

    The Limitless Sky


    Finalist for the Arlene Barlin Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2023 CCBC Book Awards

    Rook and Gage live worlds apart ? but somehow they must find a way to help one another survive.

    Trapped in a life she didn?t choose, Rook struggles to find meaning in her appointed role as an apprentice Keeper of ArHK. Even though her mam soothes her with legends of the Outside and her da assures her there are many interesting facts to discover in the Archives, Rook sees only endless years of tracking useless information. Then one day Rook discovers historic footage of the Chosen Ones arriving in ArHK, and she begins to realize her mam?s legends are more than bedtime stories. That?s when Rook begins her perilous and heartbreaking search for the limitless sky.

    Gage is also trapped. Living on the frontier line with his family, his is a life of endless moving and constant danger. As he works with the other scouts, Gage searches for the Ship of Knowledge to help his society regain the wonders of the long distant past, when machines transported people across the land, illnesses could be cured, and human structures rose high into the sky.

    Will Rook and Gage escape the traps and perils that await them in order to save each other?s worlds? If they don?t, it could very well mean the end of humanity.

  • The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn

    The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn


    It all started with a black rose and a rich young man. And a house with a creek running through it. And then there she was, Kip Flynn, standing beside her dead boyfriend and agreeing to take a large sum of money from the young man’s father to keep quiet. As if she could have done anything else, she was so scared and grief-stricken and maybe pregnant.

    But that’s not the end of it. You see, there’s some kind of connection between Kip and this rich developer’s son that keeps them tight in one another’s orbit. So, when Kip awakens from her grief, intent on revenge, they find themselves pursuing one another with a ferocity they can barely understand, one that spirals outward, with subway accidents and arson and drainpipes and backhoe wars, to envelop roommates, two guilty fathers, a window-washer or two, landlords, family secrets, Vietnamese gangsters, a standup-bass player and an activist tour guide. And even the subterranean heart of Toronto itself, which, like Kip, is torn between vengefulness and growth.

  • The Medusa Deep

    The Medusa Deep


    Nate Silva has enough to deal with at home, with a house full of unwanted relatives and the scars from his last encounters with the Resurrection Church of the Ancient Gods keeping him up at night, so there is no way he is looking west, no matter who warns him. But before he knows it, Nate finds himself press-ganged into service on Sorcerer, the airship that’s haunted his dreams since the last midnight games, and quickly discovers its terrifying secrets. Now Nate is headed just where he doesn’t want to go, to the Pacific Ocean, where a Great Old One, trapped for decades in the wreckage of a sunken ship, schemes to rise again from the undersea abyss called the Medusa Deep.

    In this electrifying follow-up to his award-winning young adult novel The Midnight Games, David Neil Lee takes Nate Silva to the rain-swept Pacific coast. There, with old and new friends, he once more confronts an ancient evil, all while the Resurrection Church threatens to return to power at home.

  • The Mitochondrial Curiosities of Marcels 1 to 19

    The Mitochondrial Curiosities of Marcels 1 to 19


    Her hands lay inert and upturned on her lap – probably stunned, she thinks, by the hideousness of the skirt underneath them. Centre seam puckered, zipper mangled, it’s handmade in a way that makes people say, ‘Did you sew that yourself?’ when they mean, ‘How can you wear that thing?’ But she made it the day after he died, and she talked to him in her head the whole time. Which is why it looks like hell and why she had to wear it anyway.

    Biology is not Dree’s thing. Equally heinous are English, Social Studies, her sister and mother, not to mention Edmonton in general. Toronto is where she belongs – specifically the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair.

    Mercifully, escape is imminent: on her fifteenth birthday, she will get the special fund her father promised, and the day after that, she’ll be on WestJet Flight 233 to Toronto. Instead, her dad has a fatal heart attack, and all she finds are clues leading to the ominous Alberta Psychiatric Hospital where her parents once worked.

    Along the way: two fires, a family scandal, nineteen sassy sock creatures named Marcel, a new friend, a mystery, a stepmother who’s maybe sympathetic after all, the unceasing misery of school and the search for a proper way to grieve a father.

    Instructions for renegade crafts and associated illustrations included.

    ‘Every now and then, a novel that is as solid as steel lands in readers’ hands. A novel that needs the right proportion of its own hardening agents to deliver on the page. The Mitochondrial Curiosities of Marcels 1-19 is such a book … Brown’s prose is astonishing.’

    Vancouver Sun

    ‘In this debut … Jocelyn Brown transcends … genre with a novel of depth and texture, rich with incident and very contemporary dialogue. She takes her readers deep into the complicated psyche of her narrator and heroine (yes, that’s the right word), which is, as it turns out, exactly where her readers will want to be, richocheting from one OMG to another.’

    Globe and Mail

    ‘This novel is about as strangely and intricately knotted as one of Dree’s craft creations, and as hilariously fascinating.’

    Quill and Quire

    ‘Brown’s complex characters, unusual narrative style and fabulously quirky dialogue make this a fun book with layer after layer to uncover.’

    Geist Magazine

  • The Rule of Thirds

    The Rule of Thirds


    A fresh voice in YA fiction brings a charming heroine to life in this series debut

    Sixteen-year-old Pippa Greene never goes anywhere without her camera. She and her best friend/supermodel-in-training Dace long ago mapped out their life plan: Pippa will be the noted fashion photographer, and Dace the cover girl. But ever since last spring, things have changed for Pippa — and her junior year at Spalding High proves to have its own set of challenges. Not only is Vantage Point, the statewide photography competition, in three short weeks, but her mandatory volunteer placement lands her at St. Christopher’s Hospital, a place Pippa never wanted to set foot in again. With humour and pluck, she navigates her new role as a candy striper (watch out for Code Yellows), her changing relationship with her best friend (goodbye Honesty Pact), and — perhaps most stressful of all — her new love interests (yes, love interests plural).

    Will Pippa make it to Vantage Point without having a panic attack? Will either one of the guys prove less sketchy than her last boyfriend? Can she and Dace figure out a way to dream big and be best friends? One thing is certain: real life is a lot more complicated than a photograph.

  • Things That Go Bump: Plays for Young Audiences

    Things That Go Bump: Plays for Young Audiences


    These six recent Canadian plays for elementary school age audiences is a companion volume to 2009’s Things That Go Bump, Volume 1.

    Lig & Bittle by Elyne Quan and Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull:

    The story of Lig, who is big, and Bittle, who is little, as they embark on a funny, wild and adventure-filled journey to a place called Perfeckt Phitt, in hopes that they’ll find somewhere to belong.

    A Giraffe in Paris by Mark Haroun:
    When the young Prince of Egypt sets out to bring a giraffe to the King of France in Paris, blistering heat, crocodiles, a scheming circus ringleader and growling wolves are just some of the adventures that mark their cross-continental journey.

    The Secret Life of the Octopus by Clem Martini:
    When Leah and Willis are forced to serve their detentions in their school’s gloomy science room they reluctantly meet and then become attached to the mysterious eight-legged occupant of the corner aquarium.

    Bluenose by Emil Sher:
    Three bumbling, colonizing, red-nosed pirates get more than they bargained for when a blue-nosed captive punctures their assumptions and beliefs.

    The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh by Chris Craddock:
    All her life, people have told Jamie Cavanaugh to “Slow down!” Jamie knows she is developing Super Speed, but her parents suggest the culprit might actually be ADHD.

    Under the Big Top by Jan Derbyshire: About to be heads over heels in love, ZooZoo hesitates; why did her happy-go-lucky clown parents divorce, when they were all under the big top and living the happy dream?

  • Time of Treason

    Time of Treason


    Picking up where Edge of Time left off, Time of Treason continues the story of Riley and Alec, otherwise normal teens whose special genetic traits grant them powers they are only now learning to control – powers that also make them targets for the extraterrestrial Tyons. Riley and Alec travel back in time to the start of their adventures, courtesy of Alec’s creepy time shifting abilities. But instead of fixing things, it’s made everything much worse. The Tyons tracked their time shift and are hot on their heels, and Rhozan is back, more dangerous than ever. After a brazen attack, Alec finds himself out of the frying pan and definitely into the fire. Can Riley save him? Or is Alec just a pawn of time?

  • Tough Case

    Tough Case


    Sixteen-year-old Dane and his mom have relocated to Nova Scotia hoping to flee an abusive relationship with Dane’s father. In the midst of this, Dane has been getting into trouble with the law. He’s been caught breaking into and vandalizing an elderly woman’s home and is about to be charged with a host of serious offences unless he participates in a court-ordered restorative-justice program. With dreams of joining the military, Dane decides to co-operate so a criminal record won’t follow him. There he meets Nessa, a social worker who grew up in a tough north Halifax housing project and the only person able to connect with Dane. A contemporary story about one teen’s journey through the restorative justice system, a mother fighting for her son, the scared and angry victims of a senseless crime, and the mediator who helps them all come together.

  • What the Dog Knows

    What the Dog Knows



    Naomi?s dog Diesel returns from the afterlife with one mission ? can he save her?

    It?s Naomi?s worst summer ever. Her dog, Diesel, died. Dad lost his job. Mom and Dad split up. The family is broke, and Naomi is stuck babysitting when she planned to take swimming lessons. Then Naomi?s sometime-friend Morgan convinces her to jump off a dock. On July 1 at precisely 4:30, when Naomi drowns, destiny shifts.

    Naomi awakes a week earlier to Diesel talking to her. Through his canine counsel, he wants to show her how to fix things. ?I can save you,? he barks. But no matter how often Naomi resets her watch, the time and date keep flipping back to July 1 at 4:30, which makes her wonder: Is my time running out?