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  • A Wonderful Bigness1

    A Wonderful Bigness1


    Key Selling Points

    • Based on a well-received play, this book offers a gentle introduction to issues of ability and disability.
    • It celebrates the otherly abled and encourages young readers to identify through shared experience.
    • The book raises issues of family and inclusion.
    • The author has an extensive background in theatre, which feeds the structure of the story.
    • The illustrator has an acclaimed background in animation, multimedia art, and independent filmmaking, as well as design; one of his short films was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award.
  • A Year with Minecraft1

    A Year with Minecraft1


    In A Year with Minecraft, gaming journalist Thomas Arnroth brings you along for the ride in a gripping and entertaining story about how the shy and nerdy can become superstars in the age of video games. Go behind the scenes at the company responsible for this worldwide gaming phenomenon. Meet Markus “Notch” Persson, Jens Bergensten, Carl Manneh, and the rest of the team at Mojang.

    With over 33 million units sold since 2011, Minecraft has also become a tool for education all the way from U.S. to Kuwait, while the United Nations uses it to change slums in the world’s poorest megacities. In just three years, Persson emerged from total obscurity to fame and incredible wealth, as he and his team at Mojang have changed the indie game scene and how the gaming industry works.

    With a fresh, interesting and personal view on how Mojang works, this book is a smart read both for the fan, the gamer, and anyone who wants to understand the phenomenon of Minecraft and how it’s changing the world.




    Montreal spelled out in a mosaic of haiku, descriptive text and full-colour photographs. From A to Z, every letter introduces a different aspect of the city in all its diversity and fun.

  • Charlie



    The story of the 100,000 British children who came to Canada as child immigrants between 1870 and 1938 is not well known. Yet the descendants of these “Home Children” number over four million people in Canada today. The author is one of them. Charlie was her father.

  • Ghost’s Journey

    Ghost’s Journey


    When Indonesia becomes a dangerous place for the LGBTQ+ community, Ghost and her family are forced to leave their home and escape to freedom in Canada.Ghost’s Journey: A Reugee Story is inspired by the true story of two gay refugees, Rainer and Eka, and written from the perspective of their cat Ghost, with illustrations created from Rainer’s photographs. Written by award-winning author, Robin Stevenson, Ghost’s Journey is a perfect fit to teach young audiences about family diversity, human rights, and social justice. Shortlisted for the 2021 Silver Birch Express Award and the 2021 Rocky Mountain Book Award.Teacher resources available on publisher website:

  • Life Lines

    Life Lines


    When the USS Truxtun was shipwrecked off the coast of Newfoundland in 1942, Lanier Phillips, an African-American serviceman, was rescued by the people of the town of St. Lawrence. The kindness he received transformed his life and ignited a lasting passion for civil rights. Lanier went on to a distinguished career in the US Navy, and he later marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., worked with Jaques Cousteau, and retold his story of transformation with the hope of inspiring change.
    In Life Lines: The Lanier Phillips Story, award-winning author Christine Welldon weaves Lanier’s story through shipwreck, rescue, and the American civil-rights movement to reveal a tale of dignity, determination, and the incredible power of kindness.
  • O Canada Puzzles for Kids Book 21

    O Canada Puzzles for Kids Book 21



  • The Possible Lives of W.H., Sailor1

    The Possible Lives of W.H., Sailor1


    Key Selling Points

    • A powerful exploration of the history of the Black Atlantic.
    • Inspired by the art exhibition ?What Carries Us: Newfoundland and Labrador in the Black Atlantic,” which was curated by the author/illustrator and was exhibited at The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery in 2020.
    • Poetic narrative that presents challenging material in an accessible and inspiring format.
    • Book includes a timeline, suggested further reading, and questions for discussion.