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  • We, the Others

    We, the Others


    Ungrateful, opportunistic, moochers, dangerous, incompatible with our values and our way of life…

    Every immigrant demographic has heard these descriptors at some point in their migration history. We, the Others explores the xenophobia, ethno-nationalism, and the fear of the “other” that is at the root of the belief that immigration is a polluting force.
    Gleaned from the author’s personal family history as the second-generation daughter of Greek immigrants, and from her research as a journalist and columnist covering identity politics and social issues in Quebec and Canada for the past 20 years, We, the Others courageously tackles this country’s history and practices, divisive legislation like Bill 21, and various nationalist movements that have influenced our immigration policies. It is also a poignant look at inter-generational struggles, conflicting loyalties and heartfelt questions of belonging.