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  • Cat Looked Back, The

    Cat Looked Back, The


    Housekeeper Prudence Crick expects a peaceful month by the river housesitting at The Maples, her employer Gerry Coneybear’s beautiful old home. (And cat-sitting Gerry’s twenty cats, too!) But instead of peace she gets trouble. Ghosts of the past haunt her, including her murdered bank robber ex-husband. And she’s bedevilled by the present. When two houses are burned to the ground in suspicious circumstances, she’s drawn to the scene of the crime and into the lives of its victims, including one uncatchable cat. But more: she’s reached a crossroads. Should she change jobs? Buy a new home? Get married? And what should she bake for that tea party she’s hosting?

    Louise Carson’s latest cozy mystery is full of delectable desserts, fast friendships, and, of course, an abundance of cats.

  • Dwelling



    Nora flees her small town after the sudden death of her lawyer husband. In Toronto, an ad lures her to rent a cheap apartment, where the landlord Henry lives in the next unit. Initially helpful to Nora, his charm hides a desire to manipulate women, leaving Nora vulnerable to his predations. The propulsive plot reveals that Nora hides secrets of her own – secrets that may save or undo her. This terrifying and essential debut novel brings forth a confident new literary voice to the trade.

  • Five for Forteau

    Five for Forteau


    Award recognition for Two for the Tablelands:



    Award Recognition for Three for Trinity:


    The fifth book in the Sebastian Synard mystery series takes our intrepid tour guide/private detective on a jaunt across Newfoundland and into Labrador, in pursuit of those towers of intrigue—lighthouses!

    The final stop on Synard’s lighthouse tour is the one at L’Anse Amour, Labrador, the highest in all Atlantic Canada. It’s a long climb into the lantern room, and a long fall from its catwalk to the ground below. Dead is photographer Amanda Thomson. Who is the scoundrel that nudged her past the railing? The RCMP in Forteau are pointing to one of the tour groups, but Sebastian and his partner Mae have other ideas. They retrace the excursions of Amanda and her vagabond boyfriend back to a section of northern Newfoundland called the French Shore. Could the recent bizarre vandalism at its historic sites hold a clue? What is it about the French Shore that leads them back to murder at L’Anse Amour?

  • In the Country in the Dark

    In the Country in the Dark


    When Landon and Joy meet they feel an instant connection and quickly become inseparable. One day shortly after they’ve met, they take a trip to view The Hart Farm, an idyllic property located in a remote area. It’s perfect, with room for Landon to set up his carpentry shop and Joy to have an art studio. The real estate agent feels complete disclosure of the property’s tragic and potentially violent past is necessary but Landon and Joy decide ignorance is bliss and ask to not be told the details. They’re in love and smitten with the farm and decide on the spot to buy it.

    As they spend their days creating art, reading, cooking for each other, listening to music, and making love, they can barely believe their good fortune. However, when the heat of summer–as well as their initial infatuation–begins to wane, Landon and Joy realize how little they know about each other or the house they now call home. They begin to feel a mounting sense of danger and uncertainty about what they used to delight in–the mysterious and tragic history of The Hart Farm, the wolves that prowl in the dark of night, and the near stranger they share a bed with.

    In the Country in the Dark is a thrilling psychological exploration of the secrets we keep and why, the obsessions we live with, the love we all need, the family we sometimes find–and the lengths we might go to keep it.

  • Livingsky



    Going home is not always the best answer. Forced to leave behind her big city dreams, Merry Bell returns to Livingsky Saskatchewan to start over. Living with plenty of secrets, but no money, friends, or place to live during a prairie winter-all while trying to start her own PI business-proves to be more challenging than she imagined. With a first case that quickly turns more dangerous than it first appeared, Merry must deal with a dodgy client, the murder of the surgeon who performed her gender affirming surgery, and more than one mysterious stranger.

    For the first time since his award-winning Russell Quant novels, Bidulka begins a new mystery series, continuing in his tradition of presenting under-represented characters and settings that immediately feel familiar and beloved, while tugging at heart strings and tickling your funny bone. Livingsky easily matches the beauty and tenderness of Going to Beautiful while delivering a page-turning mystery.

  • The Father of Rain

    The Father of Rain


    Mysteriously, over night, a father disappears from his family home. A few months later, the mother vanishes too. As the police investigations go on and on and reporters descend on the home week after week – as well as visits by social workers, doctors, and concerned relatives – the abandoned seventeen-year-old Cirrus starts his own investigation into who his parents really were, or who they might have been.