Bingemas: For the Outcast Sympathizer

For the bleeding heart on your list with a quirky twist, today’s Bingemas haul is all about the outcasts and the people who love them – specifically, fans of the cult-hit vampire mockumentary film What We Do in the Shadows and the newly-released movie Wonder (based on the book by R.J. Palacio). You’ll find their perfect book gifts below.


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We’ve all felt a little outside the norm at one point or another, right? The book recommendations for fans of these two movies are specially selected by our Bingemas-elves (and come at a confidence-boosting 15% off).
What We Do In the Shadows = = = Vampire Cousins by Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and Cathon (Pow Pow Press)Hysterical Kiwi flick What We Do In the Shadows is co-directed and co-starred by Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) – it follows a band of lackadaisical roommates…who happen to be vampires. Equalling it in quirk is Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau’s Vampire Cousins (Pow Pow Press), a graphic novel about a young girl who goes on a family visit, only to find her cousin a little more fanged than she remembered. Adorably illustrated by Cathon, Vampire Cousins is perfect for What We Do In the Shadows fans (or any horror/comedy fans, for that).
Wonder = = = Inheritance by Kirsten Gundlack (Quattro Books)Based on the incredibly popular YA novel of the same name, the new movie Wonder is all about August, a young boy with a rare, severe facial deformation trying to fit in as a fifth grader after years of homeschooling. His issues with bullies and acceptance are offset by close friends and an incredibly loving family. Helena, the protagonist of Kirsten Gundlack’s novella Inheritance, is August grown up. After a childhood and adolescence growing to cope with her facial disfiguration, a strange bequeathing following the unexpected death of her sister, Grace, rocks Helena’s shaky confidence in her appearance to its core. * * *Remember: buying either Vampire Cousins or Inheritance now means you get to do so at 15% off and get a gorgeous art card with a special promo code to treat yourself in the month of January. And there are more recommendations where these came from: check out our Bingemas page to catch up.